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We will build your home with your needs in mind.

Priority Home Builders


Priority Home Builders has been focused on building the highest quality homes across all spectrums in the homeownership market. We are unique in a manner that allows us to not only put in place all of the vertical builds, but with our other division, we are able to put in all of the horizontal improvements as well which allows for a seamless building process. Since 1932 when the company was formed in Salt Lake City, Utah our employees, through years of work are experienced and dedicated to providing the highest quality homes and creating an exciting and rewarding home buying process for all of our customers. We pride ourselves on our continued contribution to making Salt Lake City a vibrant, beautiful community through the numerous subdivisions we have built and will continue to build in the future.


Home Construction

We have helped build homes for 3 generations and take pride in the quality of the homes we build with and for you.

Bring us your Plan

Your custom home is your master piece with individual needs, and personality.


Our name is Priority Builders because you’re our priority.

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Contact Us

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Priority Home Builders


Headquarters & Design Studio

(801) 495-5959


Sydney Newman

Real Estate Agent

(801) 656-5472

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Miriam Drury

Real Estate Agent

for The Silos

(801) 661-0933



Real Estate Agent

for the Silos

(801) 440-6280

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